Still working on the new web site! It has been a fascinating, frustrating experience. Little by little it is coming together. With all the attention to detail, I worry that the over-all effect isn’t as appealing as I’d like. I suppose that is what actual web designers do(!) The nice thing about this site is the (relative only) ease with which it can be altered. I say relative because NOTHING is as easy as presented, and everything effects something else. Still, we have a great inn, wonderful guests, and lots of reasons to get the word out, so I feel it is a good use of my time. If I can retain any of what I’ve learned, I should be able to improve the site. We find more than ever that our growing summer occupancy is made up of vacationers heading to–and then from–coastal Maine. We are a perfect place to rest for a night when traveling I84 to vacation spots up North or heading back to the Mid-Atlantic. So one of my goals is just to let these folks know we exist. Let me know if anything is missing on the new site! We’re trying a few modern accessories to assess our web success and get search engines to see us, all in hope of getting travelers to see us. Plenty more to do–and breakfast to serve this morning!